Redgate in the News

08.06.2009 Only future investors and exporters win from devaluation (Eesti Päevaleht, in Estonian) 27.05.2009 Investment bankers: Eesti Energia and Eesti Loto have sales potential (Eesti Päevaleht, in Estonian) 23.04.2009 Gallup (Eesti Päevaleht, in Estonian) 17.04.2009 Ilves: without the Euro Estonia will not recover from the crisis (ERR uudised, in Estonian) 15.04.2009 Food sector faces mergers and acquisitions (Eesti Päevaleht, in Estonian) 24.03.2009 Issue of government bonds (Äripäev, in Estonian) 11.03.2009 Maripuu: Swedbank has made a good decision (Äripäev, in Estonian) 03.03.2009 Veikko Maripuu: public servants have forgotten the purpose of income tax law (Äripäev, in Estonian) 28.02.2009 Swedish Central Bank fears current Estonian situation (Eesti Päevaleht, in Estonian) 27.02.2009 Maripuu: cooperation of central banks gives a positive sign (Eesti Päevaleht, in Estonian) 25.02.2009 One question: will there be a Latvian currency peg (Äripäev, in Estonian) 23.02.2009 Altvee: everything depends of the new Latvian government (Äripäev, in Estonian) 16.02.2009 Ex-bankers started a new financial company (Saldo, in Estonian) 16.02.2009 INTERVIEW: New investment firm sees bright spots in Eastern gloom (BNE) 13.02.2009 Maripuu: it takes time before money reaches Estonia (Äripäev, in Estonian) 13.02.2009 Maripuu: Government’s cuts are not enough (ERR uudised, in Estonian) 06.02.2009 Maripuu: Crisis turns heads towards Russia (ERR uudised, in Estonian) 06.02.2009 Veikko Maripuu: Money starts to flow in (Eesti Päevaleht, in Estonian) 06.02.2009 "Majandusmajakas" - The Euro is not a goal but a tool (Postimees, in Estonian) 28.01.2009 Ex-bankers launch new investment company (news2biz ESTONIA) 21.01.2009 1 QUESTION: What will happen this year on the NASDAQ OMX stock exchange in Tallinn? (Ärileht, in Estonian) 13.01.2009 Redgate Capital: forecasts for the year 2009 (Äripäev, in Estonian)